Copper Sink Wax and Cleaner

  • Copper Sink Wax and Cleaner
    AU $51.79 inc.



    Subject to current Covid conditions, all prices are estimates only and are subject to change based on each projects requirements, exchange rates and lead times

    All things Copper offers a multi-purpose wax and cleaner that will clean, protect, preserve and restore the luster to a variety of different surfaces in your home.

    * Copper Sinks, Tubs & Accessories
    * Marble
    * Granite
    * Countertops
    * Door Knobs
    * Shower Glass
    * Fine Furniture
    * Faucets
    * Kitchen Cabinets
    * Wrought Iron
    * Glass
    * Mirrors
    * Aluminum
    * Chrome
    * Appliances
    * Leather
    * AND MORE....

    * Made From Natural Bee's Wax
    * No Fingerprints
    * No Wax Build Up Ever!
    * Makes Copper Sinks and Granite Tops Acid Resistant
    * Won't Fingerprint Stainless Steel
    * Prevents Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging
    * Hard Water Protection
    * Net Weight: 17oz. (482g)


    Copper Sink Wax and Cleaner

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