Copper Sinks to last a lifetime


Welcome to All Things Copper. I am Brooke Painter and we are proud to sell our premium copper products in Australia and New Zealand.

When you source all your copper products, exclusively from one village in Mexico, that has been making these products for generations you can be sure that you are getting the best product and consistency of finish. 

All our products are Certified as being 100% Lead Free, the fact that they are made from recycled copper has NO bearing on the lead content at all. Some suppliers will state that products made from Recycled Copper can contain quote high lead content, this is miss-leading and incorrect. Ask anyone that imports Copper for a copy of their certification before you take their word for it. Our testing as verified by IAPMO Research and testing Laboratory USA, 2017, and meet UPC (Uniform Plumbing code) and IPC (International Plumbing Code). 

Our copper products also come with a LIFETIME Warranty on material and manufacturing defects versus other suppliers who only 5 yr Warranties. We have faith in our product and invest in quality materials and workmanship so are confident in providing this Lifetime warranty. A Kitchen sink of this investment should last a lifetime!

Kitchen sinks are all made from 14 Gauge Copper this is appropriate for sinks with this volume, thicker and stronger. For smaller sinks that don't have as large surfaces we can make them slightly thinner out of 16-18 gauge as the strength comes from the shape as more than the thickness of copper. Volume of copper dictates the price alot. As we guarantee all our products we will only us the right material that offers best quality for value.

Your projects are personal and important to you and we want to enhance that with what we can offer.


Copper is achieving a growing level of interest from designers and architects as it offers something new to the landscape compared with more traditional options. We believe there is nothing like personal service and to achieve this we have samples available for you to touch and feel the quality at first hand. Only when you actually see the products can you appreciate what copper has to offer.

Please let us know what you are interested in and where you are and we will endeavour to arrange a sample piece for you to view. We have a display site at the Melbourne Home Ideas Centre, see Showrooms page for details, where you will be able to come and view a wide range of products and engage with the tactile qualities that copper offers.

Our aim is to help you make the right decision. This may not be copper in all instances, but we will at least provide you with the opportunity to see for yourself and gauge the features and advantages of copper.

For something special All Things Copper also offers a full custom-build service. All we need is an idea or a plan and we can bring it to reality. From custom bar sinks and table tops, to copper wall panels and beyond. Ask us how!



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